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The pure powder range is a collection of vegetable, herb and tea based powders, also known as adaptogens. Each powder comes in a 100g pouch and only requires a 3g portion to make a 12oz drink. They are not only organic, vegan and totally ready for Instagram, but also hugely profitable for businesses.


Organic Turmeric Powder

With its perfect, warming taste Zuma's Turmeric Chai is organic with flavours of ginger, turmeric, vanilla and orange. Approved by The Vegan Society, use it with coconut milk, as well as regular dairy for a delicious golden drink.



Organic Matcha Powder

Cosy Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. Cosy Organic Matcha is as versatile as it is deli­cious and makes a great addition to juices, smoothies and frappés as well as being served more tradi­tionally as a tea, latte or a shot.



Organic Beetroot Powder

Zuma’s Organic Beetroot powder is made from 100% organic beetroot and is approved by The Vegan Society. Believed to boost immunity, endurance and stamina as well as increase energy levels, beetroot’s health benefits only add to the charm of this distinctive root vegetable.





1 scoop Zuma Dark hot chocolate

1 mini scoop Zuma Organic Turmeric chai

Steamed milk

Zuma Gold Dust


1 scoop Zuma Original hot chocolate

1 mini scoop Zuma Organic Beetroot powder

Steamed milk

METHOD: Add hot chocolate, powder (and syrup for White Mint Matcha Hot Chocolate) and splash of hot water to cup and mix into a paste. Top with steamed milk, stirring as you pour. For Golden Chai Hot Chocolate, finish with a sprinkling of Zuma Gold Dust.

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