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freshly roasted coffee

Our coffee is roasted weekly so it's bursting with flavour.

Browse our coffee options below or take a look at our unique blends.

Verde Coffee Fresh Espresso Beans

Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

If you plan on using a grinder then there is no better option than fresh coffee beans. Buying whole beans also gives you the ability to control the grind of the coffee yourself, so you can get it just right for the machine you are using.

Our beans are roasted weekly, so you can be sure they are as fresh as possible; we're proud of how fresh our beans are and print the roast date on every bag. Over the years we have built up a portfolio of blends which we think cover every taste out there, from the creamy Crema, to the robust Punchinella and the decadent Espresso Speciale.

Coffee Capsules

Our biodegradable capsules can be disposed of along with other organic waste and processed industrially to become compost, therefore reducing their impact on landfill and creating an ethical solution for operators who in the past have avoided plastic capsules due to their environmental impact. Coffee capsules are the perfect solution if you would like to offer a number of blends or decaffeinated options.

The coffee capsule is able to simulate the parameters that baristas use on an espresso machine in order to produce the perfect espresso. We've put extensive research into ensuring our coffee capsules create the same great tasting coffee as our fresh espresso beans, every element is controlled right down to the uniformity and particle size of the grind, to ensure a quality cup every time.

Our coffee capsules are compatible with any of our traditional espresso machines using a coffee capsule handle.

Verde Coffee Capsules

Verde Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are small, pre-packaged servings of coffee grounds in filter paper that are used once to brew a single cup of coffee. Using pods eliminates the need to measure out loose grounds, and also means there are no filters to change. The resulting coffee is similar to what you would get from a filter machine. Verde Coffee pods are made using own own espresso beans and allow you to extract the best taste possible with minimum fuss.

Our ESE 44mm coffee pods are compatible with any traditional espresso machine using a coffee pod converter basket.

Filter Coffee

Our single-origin filter coffee beans are light to medium roast and produce a delicious flavour and aroma. Filter beans are ideal for filter pour and serve machines as well as cafetières. We have a range of grinders ideal for filter coffee and cafetières and ground filter sachets if you would prefer your coffee pre-ground. 

Verde Coffee Filter Beans
0800 980 6009